Practice Events

          Ana with her new prize penquin.



Tailyn, Arleigh and Ellerie helping us pull the winning name.



 Brian holding his new prize.  Congratulations!


 Ethan and Olivia helping out... Who will the winner be?



Liam with his new Polar Bear.  Congratulations.           



Elsa helping us pull the winner's name for the Polar Bear. Such a good helper!                      



Congratulations to Tommy, winner of the stuffed penguin. And a special thanks to his sister, Charlotte, who named the penguin, "Icy".


(Below) - Blake pulling the winning name for the Penguin.  Thank you!                      



Allie is the winner of the Panda Bear.   She named him - BAMBOO.   Congratulations.


   Elijah and Arleigh pulling the winning name for the Panda Bear Drawing.



                Lacey pulling the name for the winner of the Stuffed Elephant.



Evelyn is the Official Winner

of the "Stuffed Monkey".


Christopher has just pulled the winning name for the "Stuffed Monkey".  Could it be You?


Danny is the winner   of "Happy Feet".  

What a great prize to win on a hot summer day.



Elsa pulling the winning name for the Penguin Drawing.


                              Tyler & Angelina pulling the winner

for our "Pillow Pet Contest".


Ethan won the Power Rangers Toothbrush for his "Art Entry".  What talent we have in this office.


Congratulations Janel...

Winner for the Free Zoom Teeth Bleaching!








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